Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Yerba Mate?

I like to brew anything. A few years ago I was enticed by the exotic nature of Yerba Mate, and I bought a pound of it. After tasting it, about twice, I left it alone. It wasn't black tea or coffee, that's for sure.

Yesterday I noticed it in the cabinet at work and for some reason decided to brew some up in the French press. The package states that one serving size is 14 teaspoons. I thought it seemed like a lot, so I dumped about 6 into the carafe for my single mug. I drank it and did feel sufficiently stimulated throughout the day. However, I was also feeling great because I had super stable blood sugar for the rest of the night. No big deal, sometimes you have better days...

Well, today I had Yerba Mate again, and again my blood sugar has been great and maybe just a tad lower than usual. I thought maybe it was a known thing so I looked it up online and found that it does seem to stabilize blood glucose levels as well as positively impact lipid profiles. Hmmm.

I'm going to keep having a mug of it in the middle of the day and see where it goes. If you try it, keep in mind that I'm steeping a lot of the bulk tea, and you might have to use more than a tea bag to get the same effect.


  1. Wait, I get to add another stimulant to my daily coffee, chocolate and tea regime?!

    1. I'm afraid so... it could just be a coincidence, but I'm going to find out.

  2. yum! I used to have this and kinda forgot about it! pretty cool how it supports blood sugars a bit.