Monday, March 5, 2012


Everything that I have found out about diabetes "on my own", was also told to me by someone else a long time ago, and I just didn't grasp it. As I read through books (that I've read before), I'm finding relevant information that reinforces all the "new" knowledge. I guess, I've probably been exposed to a lot of good stuff, I just need the right moment or a 2nd or 3rd go around to "get it".
Diabetics, if you want to make your lives better, go find the info, it's out there. I can vouch for that.


  1. I recently bought the revised version of "Think Like a Pancreas." It has kind of been a revelation to me that there IS a lot more information out there that I have never been exposed to, or like you mentioned, failed to absorb the first time around. Having moved around so much and having super lousy insurance in the US, I have actually never worked with an endo outside of my pregnancy. Which is absolutely crazy, since I've been diabetic for 20 years. Unfortunately, this isn't really the place to get good care either, but I do think the most successful diabetics are the ones who do their own educating and sleuthing, and treat it like a fascinating hobby.

  2. We are so lucky to have a fascinating hobby!
    I just ordered the most recent version of that book, and it's en route. Okay, so I have multiple editions of good books...