Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Graphing inertia

I've noticed that when I have good results for a stretch, it keeps going that way pretty smoothly until I make a mistake, or get cocky or careless and mess it up. Then, it goes poorly for a few days until I dial it in, stop making mistakes and get it back in line.

It seems like if I let my glucose go high for one event, my average need for insulin, and average glucose level will rise for a day or more afterwards. It's like high glucose creates insulin resistance and prolonged poor control.
When things go well, it feels like my body really gets tuned in and then it will stay that way pretty well, even lowering it's need for insulin progressively, and then if I expose myself to high glucose for a day the effect seems to linger and change my metabolism and insulin demands for a while.

This kind of thing makes it difficult to get good control, because it's a slow process of bringing things back into line, and you can't assume anything about normal basal rates and correction doses. It just doesn't work the same until I get everything ironed out again.

Does anyone else see these types of trends?

Additional note:
15 min. Exercise correction
5:20pm 101mg/dl
6:00 dinner & bolus
7:00pm 141 mg/ dl
8:00pm 169 mg/dl (and rising) elliptical 15 minutes
8:15pm 114 mg/dl
10:45pm 90 mg/dl stable

(exposure to abnormal glucose levels- less than 2 hours)

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  1. I do see that bad numbers travel in groups, definitely. Lows sometimes mess with my digestion, which can cause highs and lows for, minimally, the next six hours. But that's just the ones that mess with digestion.

    I have read that ISF in normal people is significantly different with different starting blood sugars (with the implication that a mealtime bolus for a meal where you are trying to maintain blood sugars of 80s vs 110s may need to be different) but have not really observed that for myself.

    BTW, your captcha thing is giving me troubles- I have a really hard time figuring out the letters. Please turn it off or switch captchas or something.