Thursday, March 29, 2012

Labs, coming soon...

I have an appointment with my primary Doctor coming up next month, so I needed to get some blood drawn for my usual metabolic tests. I took advantage of the spring break schedule and went in for my draw on Tuesday AM. I was able to add a thyroid function and testosterone test to the list.

Last time I was at the phlembotomist, I saw some posters about an app that you can get for your smart phone that allows you to receive your labs on your phone. I used it to get my info last time. It's great because, since the data stays in your device you can easily compare results, visit to visit. Well, so far, I haven't gotten anything, but I think my doctor's office usually gets them within 24 hours. My app says it will take 3-4 days for it to be entered into the system. Maybe I'll get some info by the weekend.

Maybe to pass the time, I will pause to predict my A1C. My sensor average says 131 mg/dl for the past 30 days. I guess since my last "at home" A1C test, a month ago, showed 6.1, then it might logically be about the same, or it could be at 6.2 or thereabouts. Based on what I'm seeing on my CGMS, I don't think I'm going to make it into the 5s this time around.

Recently, I've had a harder time getting desired results... I have found that once I have something go wrong, it throws off the precarious balance of insulin sensitivity and then it becomes difficult to achieve that same control for a while. I had gotten to a point last month where I was using only 25 units a day, and now I'm back to 30 units with numbers running higher overall. I think I know why. I have not been doing my 3 times a week strenuous exercise. I have only been using the elliptical for correcting creeping highs. When I was doing fairly heavy exertion regularly I was finding my insulin sensitivity was going up and I had to keep lowering my total daily insulin. I think I'm going to get back on that schedule of strength training or sprinting about every 2-3 days.

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