Friday, March 30, 2012

More on Symilin

This article and the others from the series taught me enough about Symilin  (in Type 1 diabetics) to know that I want to try it.

I'm finding that my trickiest event with my blood glucose control is dinner. I am finding that I almost always have a rise after dinner, no matter how much insulin I take, and how much lead time I give it. I'm not eating much in the way of carbohydrate, so it seems to be mostly related to glucagon release and glucose released by the liver. If Symilin can help me tame those effects, I think I will benefit a lot from it. Other times of the day I am getting rather predictable results, but my dinner is often creating overnight problems or rises within an hour after dinner. Sometimes some exercise helps, but it seems like slowing down the hormonal side of things might be the best solution.

I'm looking forward to adding it to my regimen, even if it requires a long period of "tweaking things" to get it right.

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