Sunday, November 17, 2013

Enlite! Oh... wait.

Ever since I heard about Medtronics new CGM Enlite sensor I was excited to get it. It's reportedly tiny, painless, more accurate, with an intended 7 day use. Despite the Dexcom being the favorite choice for long-wear and comfort, I've been waiting for a sensor that has all that, but continues to integrate with my pump. The FDA had been SUPER slow in getting it approved. So, finally a couple weeks ago we got the news that it is approved and immediately available! I called them to get it sent to me, but found out that you have to also have the latest pump with low threshold suspend. So, I have to wait until my warranty period is over (May 2014), before I can get the newest pump and the Enlite sensors. I guess patience is all part of the game. But, I have to say... this timeline is nothing compared to what my sister has experienced in the UK with national healthcare. She was told a couple years ago that she was on a waiting list for a pump, and then hasn't heard a peep since.

In the meantime, I'm using expired sensors because I get much more wear on one than is recommended. I get 7-10 days on a 3 day sensor. They are working just fine. I had to ask M-tronic to stop shipping me sensors (and a bunch of other stuff) till I could get caught up. I probably won't have to get anymore before the Enlites come. The good news is, I'm on a winning streak with the Sofsensors no bleeding or bruising, just moderately painful harpooning. I can live with it till at least May.