Thursday, December 8, 2011

probably back on track... at least today

I started all the investigation on Monday and it's only Thursday. Maybe one of the longer weeks that I can remember?
So, yesterday was pretty rough because I went back to work and had already been out of rhythm for 10 hours or so when I woke up in the AM. As the day went on I was getting more tired from it and maybe just a bit unnerved. Also, I picked up a BP and heart monitor at the pharmacy on my way to work so I could check it throughout the day. The results always showed irregular heart beat, but the BP and heart rate read normal. It doesn't pick up the whacky artrial beats, so it it looks normal, even when it's off. However, it does pick up the funky rhythm, so it's pulls it's weight.

I got in touch of my doctor, who was off for the day, but on call. He said I should double my dose of beta blockers and stop by his office anytime during the day to run the numbers.

Right when I had had enough and was really doggedly heading home I noticed that I felt pretty relaxed in my chest. I walked out to my car thinking that maybe it was back to normal. When I got home I checked my rhythm and it was back in line. So, 3 hours before I got a chance to take my new dosage, things improved on their own. I got home and took a fantastic nap.

I stayed normal all evening, felt great. Slept normally, slept well.
This AM I'm feeling well rested and my heart is beating in a normal sinus. I'll go see my doctor today, and hopefully this hiatus from the arrhythmia will continue. When I feel like this, things look really rosy.

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