Sunday, December 18, 2011

matters of the heart- (part 2) cold drinks

On Thursday I had to stay late at work. I forgot that by the time I got home I'd be 5 hours past the time I usually take my beta-blocker. I didn't really think about it was because I thought it was a precautionary med and hoped I wasn't actually depending on it in my daily routine. Well, when I got home at 11pm, I took my medicine and while I swallowed it, I thought I'd get rehydrated. I guzzled 2 glasses of cold water and my heart started pounding. What the heck! Yep, I was in a-fib again.

I felt a bit discouraged when I realized that I might have to take the medicine religiously to prevent arrhythmia in the future. Sheesh, five hours without medicine and I'm back in the rapid heart rate scenario? So, that night I felt pretty sober and headed to bed with my heart thumping away. It wasn't the best night of sleep, but when I woke up my heart rate was back to normal.

Today, while I was eating lunch with the kids, I was drinking ice water and I felt my heart jump and crank out about 5-6 rapid beats and then it was back to normal. It made me wonder if the cold water could be a trigger for atrial fibrillation. So, this evening I searched the web, "atrial fibrillation cold drink" and found that it's a known trigger. I love taking my questions to the web. The more you know, the more you know, right?

So, I might not be as dependent on the medicine as I assumed. And, I'll take it easy on the cold water chugging...

I am glad it's ice water and not black tea that's giving me trouble.


  1. As far as drinking habits go, dropping ice cubes should be pretty easy!

  2. I agree.
    I have never been too fond of super cold drinks and tend to drink cool tap water. In the winter, even the tap water can be too cold for my drinking pace. I've never been a fan of brain-freeze, either.

  3. Wow that's good to know and pass on. I've always heard it's best to drink beverages room temperature. I sometimes wondered if that was just an old wive's tale but maybe not!