Monday, December 26, 2011

interview with my kids about diabetes

I wrote about my first experiences with diabetes and growing up with a diabetic dad. I started to wonder about how my children understood diabetes through living with me. I knew there would be some gaps in their information. We haven't really ever talked about it directly, just in the day-to-day activities.

I started eating low-carb in 2003, so that's all they remember, and it's the most tangible thing that they are aware of in my daily treatment. I thought it was interesting that they are barely aware of my use of insulin, and the younger kids weren't sure what you do to get high blood sugar down. I guess they think when I'm tired that's what's going on. I'm resting it down.

Well, it was fun to work with them. I enjoyed creating the video. Sometime I'll interview Carol... I know she has some opinions about getting awakened in the night by my glucose sensor alarms.


  1. Neat video. Sounds like they feel okay about it. Did you have any conversations with them afterwards?
    I interviewed three of my four brothers, and my father, about a year ago on my blog. No video though- I want to leave them their anonymity.

  2. That was so fun! The video is put together in such a neat way. I'm so fascinated by their different insights on this. I guess since our kids have only known us as diabetics, they see it as a very normal thing for us. Really cool to watch, thanks for posting!