Monday, December 12, 2011

Glad I wrote it down

 I was reading back at how I started this blog in September. I wanted to make sure that I didn't duplicate information too much. I read that in September I was taking 38 units of Novolog a day. And, at the time,  I was feeling rather efficient. I think the stress of starting a new school year and functioning throughout the day on adrenaline was definitely having an impact. Now that I've settled into the routine and am not feeling stress or anxiety from managing new situations, I think things are working better.

For the past 10 days my average insulin usage has been 27 units/ day. This 30% decrease has taken place very slowly and I was totally unaware of how much it was. I'll have to remember that when I transition from different periods of more or less stress. It seems to be one of the largest factors that I can recognize.

When I was having issues with my heart last week I was asked by many people if I was stressed out. I was pretty adamant that I've been feeling very little anxiety, and that my heart was totally out of sync with my mental state. In fact, when I was in the hospital, I had to reduce my basal rate because I couldn't eat most of the food that they offered to cardiac patients. It was maybe a bit stressful to be hospitalized because it was my first stay in the hospital, that I can remember.  I was kind of fasting in there. I plan to write about it sometime.
Star of the cardiac breakfast, decaf coffee.


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  2. Yes, Dad. And high blood sugar is also inflammatory, causing higher LDL readings. My goal right now is to lower my LDL by getting my best A1C ever. It's proven that they are connected. It's my answer to statins being prescribed to diabetics, just because...