Wednesday, December 28, 2011


This list of new diabetes care products for 2012 was interesting to me.

I have often wondered how long it would take till my iPhone will act as a pump remote and also slurp data from my CGMS. It's not on the list, but I'm hoping that there will be a way that smart phones and apps can be added to the list of diabetic tools. I know there are probably more FDA/ FCC hoops to jump through when you are talking about universal communication devices being able to communicate with live-saving devices. For convenience, it would be great to reduce the number of devices that you carry around. Right now, my pockets are full.

I'm glad that Medtronic has updated their sensors to be closer to Dexcom in sensor life. I've been getting 6 days out of my 3 day sensors, so it will be a welcome thing to do it legitimately. I hope they are truly more accurate as well.

As long as I'm making a hope list:

1) I hope Medtronic updates their screen and interface on their pumps. I like all the integration of the various devices, but the LCD display seems a bit 1990s.

2) Getting CGMS report info right on the device would be a no-brainer. They need to make it so that you can run averages and reports right on the pump, and see what's been going on. Right now I have to connect to a website via a USB device, and then after several steps, I can see a report that I have to download as a PDF. It's a procedure, for sure.

3) I might like to ditch the tubing and try a patch-style pump. But if that means removing the whole patch and starting over, when something goes wrong... I'm not so sure. Right now, I can change the set without changing the insulin cartridge, and vice-versa. It makes for quick-easy maintenance, as needed. Plus, it seems like the patch-style pumps are best on the abdomen, and I've been preferring hip sites lately.


  1. Ipod attachment glucometers are already in use in Europe (pioneered in Germany, I think) so it won't be long! They have not been released in the UK yet, and budgets here are very low for that sort of thing. Only select (read exceptional) patients are recommended for pumps, and sensors for CGMS are not covered by NHS, but you can still get them at your own expense.

  2. Yes, that iPod glucometer was in the list, and like almost every other item, is approved in Europe before the States. Even Medtronics newest developments are release in France and still waiting for FDA approval here. Better safe than sorry, I guess?