Thursday, June 20, 2013

Summer Update

With the busy school year taking over my focus for the past few months I haven't spent as much time with diabetes blogging or even thinking very proactively about my glucose control. I guess this is going to happen sometimes. I'm glad to stay that I survived my first year of doing the high school yearbook, and a few days ago we submitted our final pages, and it's done.

On the blood sugar front, I've slipped into a more reactive management style. Just taking more insulin when my levels aren't quite right and not really wondering "why" as much. My consumption of some starches in the evening meal hasn't been working out that well either. I was getting away with it 6 months ago, and now it seems like it is one of the factors that throws things off.

Now that I'm home and have a lot of control of my schedule and activity I've noticed that my glucose climbs at different times of the day for no apparent reason. If anything, I thought that my insulin needs would have gone down in the low-stress, warm month of June. I think my basals need to be tweaked. I'm uploading my sensor and pump data right now, so I can analyze it.

Soon, I will write about: my off-label use of Symlin, the Contour Link meter, and a few other things I've been thinking about.

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