Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Something to blog about...

Yesterday around 9am my blood sugar started to climb. It wasn't that unusual, being morning and all. But, when it reached the 200s I started taking aggressive correction boluses, and I kept going with it till I got home from work. By this time it was 418 md/dL and I was feeling pretty lousy. So, I drank a lot of water, skipped dinner, replaced my reservoir, and changed my set.

While changing my set I realized what went wrong. The needle had broken off and insulin was no longer making it into the inside. And the needle? Yep, still inside. I'm going to see if it causes discomfort. I searched online and it doesn't seem like this is a very common problem. I have used these sets for years now and never had any problems with them.

Well, I'm happy to say by 9pm (12 hour tour) I was back to 123 mg/dL and was feeling pretty normal. The unresolved part is that needle that just became part of me. It made me considering taking a break from the pump for the first time in a while...


  1. Yikes! What type of infusion set was it?

    1. I use Sure T sets from Medtronic. I've always loved them and won't stop using them, but this was pretty weird. They are stainless steel needles, and I've always found them thin, comfortable and non-reactive, so I can leave them in longer than the plastic cannulas.

  2. Hmm... that is very weird. I was thinking it was going to be one of the plastic sets. I used the Sure-T and now the Contact Detach (for non MM pumps) for the same reason as you. I've never had that happen!

  3. Report it to the FDA, or report it to Medtronic and they'll report it to medtronic. They need to know if there's an issue with the batch or something.

    I have read about regular needles breaking off inside of people before. But not infusion site needles.