Thursday, May 10, 2012

Foraging for breakfast

Yesterday I needed to stay home from work to take care of my kids and it gave me to the opportunity to have a leisurely breakfast.

As I explored the yard before everyone woke up, I noticed that the rapid weed growth had yielded some wild edibles in fringes of the yard. In my yard the main two edibles are Lambs Quarter, also referred to as "wild spinach", and dandelion.

I gathered a bowl of them and tossed my egg on top for a fresh breakfast salad. I remember talking to someone recently and was perplexed when they told me that they had never/ would never eat something straight out of a garden, because it creeped them out to think of it growing like that... Huh?

Well, I got my garden started about 2 weeks ago, but until it starts to produce sometime in June, I'll snoop around for edible weeds that popped up during that warm spell in March. There are a lot of things that I mainly only eat if I see it attached to the ground. Like cucumbers and  tomatoes...

Strawberries around the edges, and brococoli, onions, etc.
The kids will eat all these before they make it to the kitchen.
Warm spring temps have the hops already topping off the trellis.

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