Wednesday, April 11, 2012

High profile praise for Dr. Bernstein's methods

Of course, it's heart-warming to read about how this semi-famous fellow lived a life of adventure with photography (one of my vocations and hobbies) AND Type 1 diabetes. Clearly, even diabetics have lived extraordinary lives...

I suppose we can all survive, but we don't always thrive. What always gets my attention is the story of how someone, after years of struggling with the disease had a breakthrough, and was able to tangibly improve their life with diabetes.  In this case, the pivotal point in his diabetic control came from meeting Dr. Richard Bernstein. Through Bernstein, Roger Ressmeyer was introduced to the "rule of small numbers" and began partly controlling his diabetes by eating a limited carbohydrate diet. Ressmeyer also uses an insulin pump and CGMS. I feel like my best results have been possible once I had that trinity working for me. I relate to this man's "pivotal breakthrough" in his diabetes journey.

While Dr. Bernstein is critical of insulin pumps, I feel that using one has really helped me to take my control further. Dr. Bernstein's methods usually require simplifying things and eliminating variables. The pump might bring more variables that sabotage your results, but, with some diligence, and careful fine-tuning, it can be a tool for better control and flexibility.

Anyway, I'm glad to see Dr. Bernstein getting mentioned in the media. I know he's a well-known (and sometimes controversial) figure in the diabetes community, but I wish that his extensive personal knowledge about managing diabetes could help more people who struggle with getting the best results, and recovering health. His insistence that all diabetics can achieve normal blood sugars is bold. But, it's these kind of high standards of medical care that we need in a world that has been talking for decades about an "imminent cure".

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