Thursday, January 5, 2012

Talking about food with Sysy

I have enjoyed reading The Girls Guide to Diabetes and have had a lively email exchange with one of the authors, Sysy Morales. Despite being outside the target audience (I'm not a girl), I find it to be a great blog. I like how the information is constructive and inclusive. Readers can learn and expand their knowledge about their own diabetes from the info on the site. Hopefully, some day The Girls Guide to Diabetes will be a published book.

I was interviewed by Sysy and talked about the way of eating that has worked best for me and my glucose control.  I'm not getting totally normal numbers yet, but things are getting better with study and practice.


  1. Thank you for your very helpful article on Girl's Guide to Diabetes. I have also read Dr. Bernstein's book and have been trying to "psych" myself up to going very low carb. For me I think it is the way to go. I was wondering if you use Splenda or Sweet n Low and how these impact your blood sugars? I was also diagnosed in 1985. Best to you, Risa

  2. Risa, I'm glad that you are considering using some of Dr. Bernsteins ideas. His experiences have taught me a lot. I do use Splenda once in a while, but mostly use stevia. They don't seem to impact my glucose. Good luck!