Monday, January 23, 2012

looks like the slide into athleticism is inevitable

I've been finding very positive results with surges of exercise "turning on" my insulin.

 For instance, today... after a rough night with a heart arrhythmia episode, a hypo and over-treating it with ice cream... I woke up with my glucose in the 200s. After a week of fairly great control, it was pretty bleak. Plus, I was headed into a high-adrenaline day, the first day of a new semester, with very little sleep. Sounds like a bad blood sugar day, right?

Yep, all day I just hung out at 200 or so, and boluses did nothing. I was too busy to really care.

 I came home with tons of work to do, but felt lousy from poor sleep and being high all day. I took a nap, more insulin, everything stayed the same. As I was sitting down to put in my evening of work I decided that it would be a worthwhile experiment to put in 15 min. on the elliptical and see if it would budge my stuck glucose level. Immediate change. In 30 minutes I went from 208 to 78. I have never seen anything like it. It's like my insulin is just sitting there in my tissues waiting for me to give it the green light.

 Then I read this article about a Type 1 ironman who greatly improved his control by exercise and eating Paleo. I'm already eating that way, now I just need to figure out how little I can exercise and get the full benefit. I'd like to keep it to 30 min. a day, and be in the comfort of my warm home.

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