Monday, November 14, 2011

Probably Nothing to Celebrate...

I went to take my "at home" A1C test and realized that I threw away the essential electronic testing portion, and only had the chemical receptor part. I bought another test and thought I'd trick it into doing 3 tests for me and use the chemical receptor part from my defunct test. Well, I did and the results were kind of hard to believe. It showed me at 5.6. I think it was an error because of the fact that I was using parts that weren't calibrated for each other.
I mean, I expected to see improvement, but that's just too much. I was hoping for some action in the 6s. I am headed for non-diabetic numbers, but I don't think I'd be getting it yet. I was tempted to repeat the test, but I think I'll just let this number ride for a while maybe the positive vibe will impact my habits for the better.

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