Friday, November 25, 2011

Headaches Hiatus

Well, almost as quickly as I made my list of possible causes, my headaches faded away. The few things that I changed: 1) got back on Alpha Lipoic Acid and 2) adjusting my basal insulin. I'm still seeing some unpredictable things happening with my daily BG, but it's not as consistent and not accompanied by a headache every day.

I am happy to say that I've been having tea and cider every day and it seems to be a non-factor. This week my time spent in the school building was limited, but even the days I was in all day, I didn't have headaches. It's only been about a week of good fortune, but it seems like it's going to continue.


  1. Are you pretty sure it is the changes you made, rather than a change in the environment, say due to weather, new filters, etc.?

  2. I'll see this week if the headaches come back when I am back in my classroom (computer lab) all day long, all week long.

    I made changes to my basal rates in a few different areas of the day, and it seems like they are wobbling out right now. I think if you have too much/ little basal during one period it can have an effect on the next period or meal time slot. Right now I'm less confident than usual about avoiding hypos because it's not as steady and predictable as it usually is.

    I'm really curious about what things can cause me to need a much higher basal rate in the PM hours. Right now the times that I have the most predictable numbers is overnight and till noon. After that it's kind of strange. I've adjusted for it, but I'm not loving it. A month ago it wasn't like that at all.