Thursday, January 3, 2013

Getting Caught Up on 2012

I like to journal my data and numbers for my own benefit, but it looks like I haven't reported any monthly summaries since September. I know I have printed out data from my sensor/pump every month, but I just didn't realize that it had been 4 months since I compiled and reported.

I will report averages and simple data here, to get it done efficiently.

Average BG- 139 mg/dL
Standard Deviation- 49
Insulin: Average Daily Total- 28.2 units

Average BG- 138 mg/dL
Standard Deviation- 57
Insulin: Average Daily Total- 28.1 units
At Home A1c- 6.7 (10/1/12)
Lab A1c- 6.4 (10/19/12)
Post-bloodwork post from Oct. 2012

Average BG- 136 mg/dL
Standard Deviation- 48
Insulin: Average Daily Total- 30.8 units

Average BG- 144 mg/dL
Standard Deviation-52
Insulin: Average Daily Total-29.1 units
At Home A1c- 6.5 (12/18/12)

It looks like when you get a long view of the data it doesn't change as much as you would think. Sometimes during this period I crunched numbers and saw different short term trends, but by the time you get a month's data compiled all the upward or downward trends are leveled out. In the end, it appears that not a lot of change happened during these 4 months.

Other factors: 
Exercise- After returning to work in the Fall I have continued to go for a 20 minute walk after dinner. It has been helpful in countering an after dinner rise in glucose. During the past 4 months I have also done AM walks at the beginning of my day if my glucose levels were higher than 120 mg/dL.

Diet- I have found that between using Symlin and taking my evening walk I have been able to incorporate some starch into my dinner. If we have had potatoes or white rice I have had small portions  without seeing a significant rise in BG. Usually my bolus is for 30 grams of carbohydrate. For all practical purposes I'm still eating a very low carbohydrate diet.

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