Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Nice! (and I don't mean Walgreen's generic brand)

 Transdermal Glucose Sensor- non-invasive CGM

It's pretty awesome that we might have a painless, puncture-free option for getting constant readings. It's like... THE FUTURE.

But, right now there's a lot of future I'm waiting for...
  1. low glucose suspend feature on pump
  2. a louder, lower beep on my pump that I can actually hear
  3. enlite sensor
  4. closed loop system
  5. smart insulin

I'll pass on the diabetes alert dog, my CGM has been sufficiently accurate lately.

Well, let's get real... I'm not really waiting for anything. I might even go low tech for a couple weeks and see how going untethered from my pump goes. The unstructured days of sweating and swimming are a great time for that. Despite diabetes, we have to enjoy the moment, right?

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