Wednesday, February 1, 2012

January numbers & health summary

I had said that I'd report my numbers here at the beginning of each month. I love having the CGMS and am in a habit of keeping it going all the time because of the great data I can get from it.

At the end of 2011 I noted that I had had a rough couple of months with illness, and my average BG had risen to 150 mg/dl.

This month my sensor average is showing 141 mg/dl, with:
  • 12% above my high limits
  • 87% within my normal limits
  • 1% readings under my low limits
My goal is 126 mg/dl for an average, so this is a bit closer.

Translated to A1C, I would be at about 6.6 right now. (and then there's the other 2 months before... I did an at home A1C test and it said 6.8, okay with me, but no change...)

More importantly, I'm feeling pretty healthy lately. I'm trying to work on the quality and quantity of my sleep. I think I succeeded in getting rid of the sinus or dental infection that was giving me chronic headaches and unpredictable glucose control. I'm using small doses of exercise to increase my insulin sensitivity. I am enjoying less caffeine, and fewer pints of cider. Lately, I've had a couple "perfect" days when my glucose level stayed solidly in range and it felt like I had a handle on it. :)

Things that I need to keep an eye on: during a period of less sleep in late-January I started to have more heart arrhythmia episodes. I'm hoping that it's just a flare up and not a new reality.


  1. What are your high and low limits set at? You've written about where you set your low to- what about high?
    I thought I had a 141 averge for January too but I just checked and I was at 143 for the month when I uploaded last night.

    1. I don't even know where to see those limit numbers on my pump, but I can see them on the data website.
      Target 70-110
      Before meals: 70-100
      After meals: 100-150

  2. By the way- it seemed to me when I wore minimed sensors that I got false lows a lot more often than false highs, making my averages look a little lower than they were (which I kind of enjoyed). But that might have been partly because I wore each sensor as long as I could. Do you think your CGM average is pretty accurate?
    I find myself asking this about my Dexcom average too, although with Dexcom I have less problems with false lows- Dexcom seems equally likely to give me a false low or high so I think it averages out over long periods of time, although not so much with individual days.

    1. Lately my sensors have been pretty accurate, or at least in sync with my meter. My meter average for the same period was 144 mg/dl. It's probably a bit higher because half of my meter tests are calibrations and the others are usually to see how high I really am for bolusing. I never trust the CGMS for bolus.
      My sensors are tending to run about 20 points above the meter when I get below 100. So, in the lows range it hasn't been quite as helpful. After exercising I've been finding myself dipping lowish and the sensor is still reading 80. I know it lags behind, but it almost never actually gets there.

  3. That's awesome! It's great that you have the cgm! Insurance doesn't want me to have one but I'll keep fighting for it. Glad you feel you're getting over the infection stuff. That really does screw up sugars. Fingers crossed on the arrhythmia.

    1. Sysy, I hope you'll get a CGMS eventually. I couldn't get one for a while, but finally insurance started to get with it. I know my sister says that she will have a hard time getting one in England because the National Healthcare system thinks she's doing well enough without it. :(

    2. Ugh, that's how it goes huh? I suppose they understand that it only takes one bad low to kill a person with type 1...but don't want to pay up until they have to. Sigh.