Friday, September 30, 2011

Bad days make the good days look really good...

On Tuesday I woke 10 up with normal blood sugar levels. Throughout the first few hours of the day, however, my levels climbed to 200 despite the fact that I didn't eat breakfast. I bolused a few times and didn't see any change. I wondered if my site needed to be changed, even though it was rather new.
We had dinner plans with extended family, so instead of sitting at home trying to sort it out, I just went along with the plan, and went to dinner with hopes that things would level out. By 6pm I had been over 200 for 10 hours. I felt a lot worse than I usually do on a short excursion into hyperglycemia. I was tired, had a headache, and feeling pretty blah. Not hungry, pretty sick. During dinner I ate a bit of protein, salad, and some wine and my blood sugar made it to 325. I checked my pump tubing and discovered that the quick release was loose and clicked it back together. I bolused again, just in case I hadn't been getting insulin all day for that reason. I could tell I was in DKA and it was lousy. I drank a lot of water. When I got home I changed my infusion site, and my reservoir (which was close to it's end). Within an hour I started to see it come down. I think when I went to bed it was 260 and dropping. In the AM it was 125 and I felt normal. Off to work I went, but it left me with a clear sense that I hated being out of range, and that I will immediately change infusion sites if something is mysteriously off.

As I have tightened my control my expectations have gotten a lot higher for the way I feel. I'd say a lot of days when I was younger, that was a normal day... to run 200-300 all day. Yep, I felt bad, but it was a normal bad feeling that I was used to. I'm really happy that my new normal day is one where I look at my sensor graph and it's flat somewhere between 100-150.

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